Hot n’ Healthy

Work that body!
Everyone wants to look hot, but how much exercise is right for you? What are some fun and simple ways to get your body moving?
You are what you eat
Well, not exactly. But today people are more aware than ever how what we eat affects how we feel and how our body is able to support our daily activities, fight disease and just feel good.
‘Roid rage and supplements
Vitamins A-Z, herbal preparations, powders, and more…so many options and possible reactions! Many supplements can actually cause more harm than good.
Happy mind, happy you
Chances are you don’t just want to survive, but you want to thrive. But what does this mean?  What are “wellness” and “mental health” really all about?
Ifs, ands, and butts
Many men have questions about anal sex: How do I prepare for anal sex? Should I “clean out”, and if so, how?!